The Murgese Horse and the Carriage Museum


In this fine bloodstock you can recognize virtues and peculiarities typical our homeland, from which derives the name.

The origin of Murgese Horse are dated back to around 1200, to the age of the Emperor Frederick II, he was a great lover of horses and Puglia, for whom he was bounded viscerarly. However the official establishment of the breed, it happened only in 1920.

The Murgese is considered, for its precious characteristics, the symbol of Apuliaand in particular of Murgia, the place where he was born and has evolved. The horse, generally, was considered in the past an essential element, especially for the art of war. Our area was an inexhaustible source of steeds and coursers, raised and destined to the war use.

A lot of historical figures, like Alexander the Great and Hannibal, considered the Murgia’s lands a reference point for excellent horses. Their quality is inimitable for many reasons: the solidity, the disease resistance and the adaptability to complicated weather conditions make this animal greatly appreciated.

The Murgese horse is suitable for every kind of use, it is often used for the competitive disciplines and by the State Forestry Corps; it’s evident its beauty and its innate elegance.

From some years, it has been working to give to this autochthonous breed horse the qualification of the Italian Republic’s Horse, as it happened in Spain for the Andalusian one.

Masseria Grottillo protects and values all the great equestrian world, in our beautiful location you can also find a wonderful collection of vintage carriages. Each piece, skillfully restored, was brought back to the original condition, so it’s possible enjoy an excursion, along the paths of the surrounding countryside.

This interesting exhibit gathers about 15 models, the aim is to bring to the attention of the public these masterpieces, the result of an accurate and continuous research. Among the examples, of different ages, you can admire 3 country carriages, which belong to the “Break” type: specifically Hunter, Sport and the so-called Giardiniera. There are also a classical manor-carriage called “Doctor”, the folkloristic “Sciarretta delle Murge” and many other unmissable pearls.

A cultural heritage, at your disposal to rediscover this vehicle, which marked our past.